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Vegetarian dishes     

Vegetarian noodle soup
Flour, egg, garlic, tofu, mushroom vegetable stock, herbs

Deep fried tofu & salted egg sauce
Tofu, egg, garlic ,butter, stock, herbs 

Stir fried morning-glory and garlic
Morning-glory and garlic, oil, soya sauce

Vegetarian mix with Japanese style fresh noodles
Fresh noodles, tofu, mushroom, garlic, vegetables, Kikkoman sauce, herb

Deep fried vegetarian spring roll
Mushroom, garlic, green beans, rice, vegetables, herb, rice paper, plum sauce

Mixed salad
Green leafs, green sprouts, cabbage, tomatoes, onion, vinaigrette    

 Tofu and mixed salad
Tofu, green spout, cabbage, tomatoes, onion, vinaigrette sauce

Potato chips or French fries
Sliced or sticks, tomato ketchup

Stir-fried vegetarian mix
Garlic, tofu, mushroom, vegetables